I run. Therefore I am.
I was asked recently why I run. My answer.. ‘why do you not run?” No, not really.  It is a good question though. Even when I say it’s for fun and that I love it, I can hear how silly that may sound. But with the millions of people around the world who do it, we’re either all completely crazy or it has some benefits for us physically and mentally. 
Sometimes it’s hard, it’s painful and I want to stop.
I push through. I make it work.
Because I love it!

The nitty gritty about me? I’m a 40+ year old mother of three who has always enjoyed running. During high school when the limit was 5k, I was good, and quite enjoyed it in that teenage way. Now, anything under 5k is not worth it. Then came the whole get married, have kids and do pretty well nothing for nearly 15years.
The weight came and went and came again, I was unfit and unhappy. So I started walking 5k a day until I was bored with the speed. I started running and the rest they say is history. That was mid 2014.
Fast forward to 2015 and I decided to see where this running would take me, and how much I enjoyed it. I started booking up races, beginning with a half marathon. I am ready to finish my first year of races and I love it even more than I did at the beginning.
What I have learnt is immeasurable and life long.

Now… it’s all about Nike – Just do it!

I run because I can.
I run because it is fun.
I run to have complete and absolute ‘me’ time.
I run for health and fitness.
I run because I love the muscle burn at the time.
I run because I love how I feel afterwards.
I run because I love the feeling of accomplishment after a long hard session.
I run because I love to eat. A lot.
I run because I want to indulge and not feel guilty.
I run because it is simply amazing to get out there and just do it!

Tell me.. why don’t you run? Why do you run?



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