Alum Cliffs Track 7k

I wanted to get a run in, but have some fun at the same time so when the opportunity presented itself on Monday I took it.  I’m sure there will lots more opportunities where this mini trail run is concerned. I’ve driven past it many times, seen the sign, heard about it and yet have never made the effort with hubster to go ad do it.

Alum cliffs track. A relatively short and easy walking track that winds along the coastline with a couple of dips into valleys, through beautiful Aussie bushland. That is the easy part, the last 750m there abouts is Brutal, with a capital B. It’s straight down a gravel track – with hand rails and stairs if you need it, then straight up the other side (in two parts). It’s steep and tough on the quads, but when you make the return, you’ll find those quirky little valleys you didn’t like on the way out, to be nothing more than bumps in the road. I know I certainly found the return quicker and easier.
The track is suitable for dogs but not bicycles, although they would have a ball if allowed to use it, and time forecast is 2.5hrs return.  You could easily take that long by the time you stop to admire the view and take pictures.

My journey on this track was simple. Run where I could, walk where I had to, take snaps, enjoy it, no stress, no speed/time.
I went nice and early – as the sun was rising and had very little company. Given the time I thought there would be more people out in the sunrise, but thankfully, no, I only saw a lady at one end and a dog walker as I reached the finish. Beautiful.

If you get the chance, it’s a must do for both recreational and sports wise.


Name brand vs cheap version

I run with music. I must have my music. Can’t live without it. I also like the MapMyRun app on the phone. Keeps me up to date with my progress. Speed, pace, distance and time. You know the drill. For music I use my iPod. There are no games or apps on it. Just music. Lots of it. A great long running playlist. My phone has the app, and a weird choice of music, not totally suited to running. I’ve had trouble getting that bit sorted. (Me and technology combined can be a comedy of errors at times).
My iPod has its own arm band. And my phone has its own arm band. Come summer, a few months away yet as we are heading into winter now, I want to be able to run with no sleeves and not get the armband tan line. Ugh. And I can’t run with it in the pocket of my jacket, down my pants or in my bra. Tried them all. Not working.
So off I go to hunt out other options.
I find this thing called a SPIbelt. Amazing invention that would be perfect. The front pouch is fully stretchable so it only goes as far as the item you put in it. And no bouncing around when you run. That is the basic version. There are heaps of others out there. Go check out SPIbelt for yourself to see them all.
They aren’t that expensive, for what they are, and as I’m not desperate for one I’m leaving it for a bit. I would wait until closer to summer, and use my armbands in the meantime. I found something else.
In my local cheapo shop the other week I pass a rack that has fitness items on it. One of those items was a bumbag (nasty term that one) or the extremely cheap version of what I am after. For $4 I figure I’ll give it a go for a couple of months and see what happens. I tested it out, and it works a treat. Both my phone and iPod fit in it, it didn’t bounce around, the waist was expandable so it fit, and it was comfortable. As you can see from the photo, it is barely noticeable under my top. Not some great chunky thing.

Of course you get what you pay for and the cheap version will not last as long, or be as nice, but for the short-term it will be fine.
I also picked up a pair of long legs to run in. Oh, they are super comfy, not too hot and sweaty and as an added bonus make my legs look good 😉