Run. Ride. Eat.

A journey to being the best version of me that I can.


Current PB’s

5kms – 27.38.              2017
10kms – 54.23.            2016
21.1km – 2.16.58.       2017
42.2km – 5.08.38.       2016

City to Casino – 1.03.41.      2016


Running Goals:

I started this section at the very beginning (2015 sometime), not knowing how far I would go or how easily I would blow some them out of the water.

Some of them are almost laughable now. Still a lot of work to go as I have a few times I would like to improve on, simply for a more consistent run and stronger finishes.
– Running 10k easily – Sept 2015
update. July 5th 2015 knocked 4 mins of previous 10K PB.
– Running 15k – Dec 2015 (update 5/7/15- easily by this date)
– Running the half marathon in under 3 hrs – Done!
– Running the C2C in 70mins, max. Edit: should be achievable with 1 week to go.  Edit: Blitzed! With time to spare.
– run an official sub-30 5k. Done. 19/2/17
– run 5hr marathon.
– beat my times on existing races – RTB 10k and City to Casino
– run a 2.10 half marathon in 2017 – managed a 2.16. 4 minute pb, so super happy.

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