Run the Bridge – 14 Feb

I’m still getting into the hang of writing again after such a long break so this will be a short sweet post. The one I started earlier is full of words and just a bit much right now.
On February 14th I did the 10k ‘Run the Bridge’ event. This is an event which is held all over the world. Anywhere that has at least one bridge crossing can do it. It’s all about running over the bridge. I think it’s a super cool idea and would love to do some elsewhere now.  As an aside, I have now run over two of the three bridges that span the river in Hobart.  Not sure how I’ll get to do the third.
But I digress. I did enough training and going into it, I felt really good. Fit, happy and ready to conquer it. Not as nervous as the last one.

The lessons I learnt from the half marathon I brought into this one and loved it!
My recovery was just right.  Fruit and water at the finish line, then my chocolate milk when the bag truck finally arrived.  A 2km walk to my car then a half hour swim to help loosen the muscles.
It’s good to have someone to chat with before the race to calm your nerves.  Not just as you hang around doing the porta-loo dance but in the pack when you’re ready to roll.
And I had a ball. Even with the short sharp hill 4 kms in I enjoyed the run. The run up the bridge was surprisingly easier than I had reckoned on.
The highlight? Running around the wharf area and down Salamanca Place to the turn around for the 600mt to the finish line.

My official time of 1.01.02. was just perfect. I’m really happy with it, and know if I do a flat 10k then I can do it in just under 1hr. Not necessarily a goal, but knowing I can do it is certainly an accomplishment.

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My post injury workout

Now that I’m making running a regular thing, just another activity I do throughout the day I have a calendar on the wall that I fill with my dreams and aspirations – in between the other life I have to keep organised. I have it marked down as something else to cross off. I love it, and while this makes it seem like a chore, it’s the time factor (30-90+mins required for a run and stretching afterwards) to take into consideration.

Going from running or doing some form exercise each day to having a week off to recoup from an injury makes the re start tough going.  My calendar this week had 3 x 5+k, an 8 and a 10k with body routines on the between days.
Well that is going to the shits. Thursday I was involved in a bike accident and while only bruised wanted to rest my leg – I didn’t fancy the chance of a blood clot creeping around my body with the extra movements. Come Monday morning and I am itching to get out. My head is about to explode. My body feels sludgy and ugh after doing nothing. Like it’s been on holiday.
I need that run. I have to do it.
I could the change in my mood as soon as I put on my bra (a good sports bra is an absolute must no matter your cup size, girls) and pulled up my running pants. Adding the music and my favourite cap and it was all I needed.
I could feel the smile bubbling away inside.
Doing a few stretches, setting the timer and I’m out the door.
The feeling of elation lasted for, oh, the first kilometre.  My dicky knee screamed at me. ‘what the fuck are you doing? It’s been a week and this is how you treat me?’ Yeah, sorry about that, knee. And I know that I will be feeling it for a couple of days. Maybe the 8 and 10k will have to wait til the end of the week.
I pushed through and completed my 5.8 in 36 mins. Right on par really, even though it felt slow.  I can do it closer to the 30 min mark, but with my knee I wasn’t upset at all.

I know I should have taken it easier, done the 3.4k run after such a big break, but that burn, that feeling I get isn’t quite the same. The burn of a bad knee is a whole other concept, and one I have to pay to get taken away. Might have to make it a regular appointment.
I spose the point I’m trying to make is that no matter what the injury, always start back into your routine slowly.  There’s no need to be all gung-ho and launch yourself at it like a rocket. Your goals will still be there. Your time/speed will come back.  You will bounce back as your body recognises what is going on.. ‘oh, yeah, I remember this movement’. And your body will thank you in the long run.

I will be pushing it, but also being mindful of my own limitations at this time over the next week.

I had a goal on the MapMyRun website/app of getting in 40 miles over 4 weeks. I would have easily done it, including today’s run as I only had the equivalent of 10km to finish. I got to 90%.
I’m not making a goal for this month, May, as there are 7 full days where I wont have a chance of getting any running in at all. These days will have to include other full body exercises.

I’ll leave you with a little saying that is relevant for today and a picture of me post run.